12 Week Course Includes:
  • Foundational Mindset Mastery Module:  Strategies to revolutionize your perspective and mindset, laying the groundwork for all further personal development. 
    Value = $250
  • Thorough Examination of Relationship Theories:  Extensive curriculum covering emotional intelligence, regulation, and wellness for sustained mental health and well-being. 
    Value $250 
    • Drama Triangle:  What it is and how to stop it
    • Intense Chemistry:  What does intense chemistry in a relationship mean
    • Quantum Physics:  Like attracts like
  • Expert-Led EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tutorial:  Expert guidance on applying EFT for reprograming the brain, emotional healing, stress relief, and overcoming psychological blocks.  
    Value = $350
  • In-Depth Analysis of Coping Strategies:  Thorough examination of the three unhealthy coping strategies most commonly employed to bring you to empower you with knowledge and awareness to effectively navigate stress, emotional challenges, and daily obstacles.  
    Value = $150
  • Deep Dive into the Five Core Emotional Beliefs:  Comprehensive analysis and healing strategies for significant emotional beliefs, offering profound insights and transformational healing opportunities.
    Value = $500  
    • Emotional Neglect:  Why you feel unloved and your needs are never met
    • Abandonment:  Why you feel alone and abandoned
    • Betrayal/Abuse:  Why you struggle to trust
    • Alienation:  Why you feel like an outsider, never fitting in, as if no one understands you 
    • Fragility & Susceptibility:  Why you obsessively fear loss and the worst-case scenario
  • Comprehensive Exploration of Behavior:  In-depth review of behavior change strategies that promote positive relationships and experiences.  
    Value = $250
  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls:  Direct access to me, to guide you and help process, answer questions along your journey, and provide personalized advice and support.  
    Value = $1550
TOTAL VALUE:  $3300   

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